The Bottlelight Company

The Bottlelight Company is specialized in manufacturing battery-powered bottle lamps with its development and production in Potsdam / Berlin. The "Bottlelight" lamps give the user the opportunity to combine them with any bottle and thus to put together respective individual table lamps. The table lamp gets its character through the selection of a respective bottle.

The Bottlelight lamps are operated by standard AA batteries or rechargeable batteries and fit into all standard wine bottles or other bottles with an inside neck diameter of 17–20 mm. To be emphasized are the ease of use, the suitability for outdoor use, the quality and the particularly long burn time per battery set.

As bottles, both used and new craft bottles can be used. We offer a number of beautiful, hand-made sandblasted bottles with which elegant table lamps can be put together.

Other products are lampshade lamps and pendant lamps.

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