About us

About Us:

TimeAffair – a short, catchy name, with a sophisticated concept behind it.

TimeAffair is the online destination when it comes Lifestyle & Accessories. We offer an extraordinary assortment of trendy, original and traditional brands. We set the highest standards for our products in terms of quality and design. We at TimeAffair are no less demanding in terms of customer service. With TimeAffair we have made it our goal to combine the best selection with perfect service.

The company behind it:

Founded by Stefan Hunoldt, Michael Hunoldt and Benedikt Kragora in 2013, the start-up has since developed into one of the leading e-commerce companies in Austria. MS SPIRIT HANDELS GmbH & CO KG now manages over 100 companies and brands and operates several online shops, mainly in the areas of design & lifestyle.

E-commerce with responsibility:

E-commerce, an industry that not only has a lot to contribute to the issue of sustainability, but also has to. Therefore, we attach great importance to recycling shipping packaging, short delivery routes and sensible stock allocation. Yes, plastics & co. are involved in the packaging and product area in online trade, we do not want to create any illusions, but we try to reduce this to a certain necessity when choosing our products & partners.

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